Social media is exploding worldwide! Every year more and more people are turning to social media to connect with friends, family, brands and trends. Potential customers will often search Facebook before Google and if you don’t have an up to date, or active social media presence, then it can look like you’re not in business. Scary but true!

We have a range of different options to suit your needs. No matter where in the social media journey you are, no matter how many fans or followers you currently have, we are in your corner to help your audience grow, engage and convert.

It’s important to find out and understand who your fans are, what they enjoy doing and what they find interesting.

Innovative Media Management can manage your social media networks using relevant but unique marketing strategies to introduce followers to your business and convert them to customers.

  • Social Media analysis and strategy
  • Content creation, delivery and management
  • Engage and interact directly with new and existing customers via social media
  • Reflect your brand’s unique personality
  • Watch your audience grow as your brand reaches more people
  • Build a community of loyal, interested fans to communicate with

Build your brand, target marketing, create a following, increase business!

Take a look at our different options below and let us help you SHINE ONLINE!

We offer full-service social media management services. Transform your social media presence with high-quality content, regular activity and increasing followers.

Unique content, specifically created for your business. Use of photos, videos and articles to interest your target audience.

  • Content creation, delivery and management for Facebook/Twitter
  • Strategic digital marketing
  • Advertising and boosted posts
  • Build your brand through the power of social media
  • Create a following and community
  • Target audiences
  • Engagement and banter
  • Promotion of your company’s products and services
  • Use of hashtags to increase your chances of being found in social searches
  • Monitoring and moderation (7 days)
  • Includes a social media audit
  • A+ support via email and phone

Does your page need some love and attention? Get it looking tip top and shining bright! Now that’s sharp!

It’s important for your followers and potential customers to be able to find the relevant information they are after and connect with you easily. If it’s too hard to reach you, or if they have to go digging for information they will just look elsewhere.

  • Spruce up your existing Facebook/Twitter pages
  • Consistent branding
  • Update profile picture and cover image, making it attractive and eye-catching
  • Clear, compelling information
  • Complete and interesting “About” section
  • Easy to find how to contact you
  • Update contact information, relevant links and descriptions
  • Tidy up photo albums
  • Ensure all information is easy to follow for your customers
  • Website links
  • Operating / opening hours
  • 1 off fee (per audit)

We can create advertising campaigns with the use of paid adverts, that are targeted to reach different audiences, and placing your brand in front of more potential customers. Strategic Facebook and Instagram advertising can utilize targeting, where we can narrow down the audience by location, age, interests and more!

Facebook and Instagram advertising is far more cost effective than other media channels (newspaper, magazine, radio, TV, google ads).

  • Run a marketing campaign starting from as little as $5
  • Set a budget
  • Target audiences
  • Increase reach

Different types of ad objectives available:

  • Reach people near you
  • Boosted posts
  • Promote your page
  • Promote an event
  • Collect leads for your business
  • Get video views
  • Direct people to your website
  • Get people to claim your offer
  • Increase conversions on your website

Promo videos, show reels & vblogs are perfect for showcasing your product, brand and personalities in an authentic way. Catching peoples attention with movement is a great way for them to stop and look at what you have to offer.

  • Videos are great for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Websites
  • Short snippet videos – 30-60 seconds is a suitable length for Facebook & Instagram
  • Real Estate property walkthroughs
  • Client testimonial videos
  • 2-5 mins are great for your YouTube channel and Website

As well as Facebook and Twitter, there are some additional social platforms which may be worthwhile adding to your social marketing mix!


With a community of over 300 million users worldwide, this is a fast growing platform where users capture and share moments through photos and videos. In just a few short years it has become one of big players in the social media world and an asset for brands and personalities to reach more potential customers and followers. With the use of #hashtags to make photos and videos searchable, it’s easy to find all your favorite #CatsOfInstagram and #Foodie photos in a flash and find other users with similar interests.


This is a fun and quirky take on social media. Gone are the days of it just been used to send cheeky photos to your friends and loved ones. Now brands and personalities are now using Snapchat to reach followers and potential customers with this unique platform. The beauty about Snapchat is that you can post a photo or video either directly to a friend or follower (available to be viewed just once before it disappears), or you can also post a 10 second video or photo to your “Snap Story” and after 24 hours, the photo or video self-destructs and drops off! It’s a fun way to post behind the scenes action from your business and team, allowing a more fun, quirky and relaxed feel.

One off fee to set you up on Snapchat on your smart phone, with an in-depth lesson on how it all works and how to use all the fun features (your full license so to speak), then we hand over the keys and away you go!


What’s the buzz about Pinterest? Well, you know when you’re browsing online and see something you love and don’t want to forget it? What do you normally do? Email it to yourself, take a photo, print it out, bookmark it on the computer? With Pinterest there is a simple way to compile and organize all the great things that you find online – from clothes, fitness, food, recipes, beauty, inspiration, DIY…..anything!

It is an aesthetically pleasing website which allows users to “pin” things they find online, just as you would on a real life bulletin board. Pinterest saves pin’s on the users account so they can easily find them again, plus allows friends and followers to “repin” photos and inspirations. Pinterest users are mostly women.

Pinterest allows creativity to flow, creating a visual portfolio with the use of beautiful pictures.


YouTube (and other visual channels like Instagram) are playing an increasingly important role in social media, especially if you are targeting customers between the ages of 15 – 35.

Do you have a business that would benefit from videos on YouTube? We can create videos to suit your budget for your YouTube Channel, which can also be used for your Facebook & Instagram. Talk to us about YouTube options.


Engage and connect with your customers, clients and suppliers. A great platform to build strong business relationships and encourage networking.



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